Inclusive brands soar with powerful purpose

Neka Creative is a brand development agency with a soaring purpose–to reveal the wild brand promise in every organization through Inclusivity Marketing™. We bring that promise to life with world-class experiences designed to motivate each and every audience we encounter. Experiences that resound with resonance. Learn more about Inclusivity Marketing™.

The Neka Creative team engaged in conversation in the office, with big smiles all around.

Inclusivity Marketing

Inclusivity Marketing is the holistic approach of bringing different perspectives, histories, experiences, needs and motivations together in one cohesive brand process. By taking this inclusive adventure, you’ll invigorate the internal culture, inspire new audiences and activate engaging brand experiences.


Be the role model for inclusion.


Lead by example with work that elevates, celebrates and promotes brands that value inclusion.



creativity + respect

When you create with an open mind and heart, all things are possible.​

When you tap into untapped audiences, more people are tempted to love you.

When you embrace brand inclusion, you'll see that:

  • opportunities are revealed

  • audiences are increased

  • ROI is improved

  • people feel heard, seen, respected, and included


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We dig deep to find out what makes people tick, then tickle their fancies with the right approach.​

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Design brand experiences that are unmitigated, unforgettable and undeniable in their potential to make audiences want more.

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Care (deeply) about the end result but never believe the ends justify the means. Both need to be stellar.

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Bring a spirit of inclusion to everything. We are, after all, one big community of unique characters longing to be seen, heard and appreciated.​

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Take flight with wild abandon.

Leadership Team

Rosemary Ugboajah smiling, wearing a yellow blazer, against a concrete wall

Rosemary Ugboajah

CEO / Strategy

England, Nigeria, US

American Public Television, Benedictine Health Systems, Cargill, Frango, Imation, Johnson & Johnson, Marshall Fields, Target, Xcel Energy and more

Personal brand
All-Inclusive Rainmaker (Visionary and transformational leader laser focused on creating an inclusive world)

Sheri Ellis smiling, wearing a bright pink top

Sheri Ellis

Strategy / Creative

Canada, US

3M, Colgate, Dayton-Hudson Corporation, General Mills, Guthrie Theater, Long John Silver’s, Northwest Airlines, Worry-Free Vacations, Whirlpool Corporation and more

Personal brand
Earnest Transformer (Successfully evolved from account partner to strategic planner to strategic/creative writer)

Alan Tse wearing a bright blue shirt, with a cement wall background

Alan Tse

Creative / Design

Hong Kong, China, US

General Mills, Pillsbury Bake-Off, Le Conte (China’s largest chocolate company), Frango Chocolates, Northwest Airlines, Government of Guatemala, Tremblant ski resort and more

Personal brand
Humble Renaissance Man (Multiple awards: The Show, Graphic Design USA, AIGA, Logo 2000 and American Corporate Identity Fifteen)