Revolution Love. Penumbra Theatre’s 2015-2016 Season



“Let me say at the risk of seeming ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.”  Che Guevara.

It may be hard to see this as true at first glance and even harder if you are on the other side of the desired change. But take a hard look at all revolutions and you may just see that what lies beneath stems from love of land, country, culture, freedom, equity and above all, people.  Love, being so encompassing, fuels actions that lead to change. This is the premise of Penumbra Theatre’s 39th season – “Revolution Love”. Taking inspiration from the theater’s legacy, programming and Emory Douglas, iconic artist of the civil rights era, Neka Creative developed messaging, design and illustrations to help turn the perceived notion of revolution on its head—A Revolution Born of Love.