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Do More
to Reach More

When you need to deliver vital information, don’t leave any stone unturned. When updates impact community health, safety and wellbeing, do more to reach more. 

Ripple OutReach wordmark. Ripple is in cryan, OutReach is in light green, with a small ripple coming off the e in Ripple

is here to help. It’s a turnkey community outreach service designed to support your PSA needs while working hard to eliminate communications inequalities in Minnesota.

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“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.”

— Dalai Lama
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Ripple OutReach
is as unique as it is effective

We’ve transformed a responsive technology into a system where individuals will be prompted on their mobile phones to opt-in to receive updates in the language and media of their choice (audio, video and/or text). Once opted in for the first time, they’ll receive future messages exactly how they want to receive them. This flexible service is backed by a growing team of partners, including Rico Latino TransCreation,, Pathfinder Mobuto and Tene Wells Consulting.

Let Ripple OutReach
do the legwork for you

Powered by Inclusivity Marketing™, Neka Creative will facilitate the entire process so you can amplify your important messages, especially with under targeted audiences. We’ll:

  • Ensure greater context through transcreated content

  • Engage trusted community representatives to increase accessibility and credibility

  • Negotiate diverse media buys with a focus on those serving multi-cultural communities

  • Distribute your message to more people in more communities

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See Ripple OutReach in action

Text message service

See an example of how text can amplify messaging. 

Text messaging is effective in many ways:

  • 95% of Americans own cell phones

  • 160 character limit ensures a quick, direct read

  • Text messaging boasts a 96% open rate, compared to 20% for email

  • 85% of Americans prefer text messaging communication to email or voicemail

Video/audio service

See a video example from our social distancing studio.

Play Video

Through audio or video, you can:

  • Increase impact with the help of trusted community influencers

  • Translate/transcreate messages in diverse languages

  • Access a wide range of talent for both video and audio

  • Meet all accessibility needs

Ripple Outreach Ambassadors

Ripple OutReach Ambassadors help us reach even further

Growing a database of respected leaders help us deliver messages with more credibility. Working with community, accessibility and faith-based organizations ensure that we increase our reach with more impact.

Register with Ripple OutReach you would like to or if know someone who should be a Ripple OutReach Ambassador.

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Our partners

Pathfinder Technology
Rico Latino
Tene Wells