Rondo Roundtable Survey

As a guide, below is a working definition and brand objective for the Rondo Roundable. Do note that this is not in stone but merely provided to help guide this survey.

Rondo Roundtable draft definition:

The Rondo Roundtable is the collective guardian of Rondo’s rich history and its rewarding future.

Communications draft definition:

We want to create awareness of the Rondo Roundtable as the “go to” voice for the preservation and promotion of Rondo.

Our white board session brought to light five key strategies for the Rondo Roundtable:

– Preserve the legacy of Rondo.
– Restore what was lost in Rondo.
– Build generational wealth for Black people.
– Promote the future of Rondo as a cultural district.
– Amplify Rondo Roundtable organizations and initiatives.

Please answer the following questions with these strategies in mind.