If you’re not wild about inclusion, you’re on the back road to brand success.

Brand character is a little like that famous English rocker shouting…Who Are You? Who, Who, Who, Who? It’s the personification of an organization and a memorable way to differentiate from the competition. While brand character is an internal discipline, it also winks at what customers can expect in terms of quality, service and performance. Take these iconic brands for example:

Hallmark—Down-to-earth, sincere, sentimental, warm, genuine
Nike—Exciting, provocative, cool, rugged, innovative, durable
Levi’s—Original, masculine, sexy, youthful, rebellious, individual, free, American
Apple—Stylish, cool, intuitive, innovative, friendly, casual, easy-going
Dove—Friendly, understandable, self-confident, self-esteem, mind-independent, unique

So, what’s your organization’s brand character? How is it keeping competitors at bay? What are you signaling to the world? If that signal isn’t a roaring success, give us a call.