St. Stephen's and House of Charity

Stronger Together

Growing stronger together means making an even greater difference to the people you serve, and to each other. It means doing more to make the world a better place. It’s now time to become one inspiring brand that unites House of Charity and St. Stephen's. Your thoughts, ideas and inspiration will help make that happen. Let’s grow stronger together.

Thanks for participating and please know, your feedback will remain anonymous.

What's in a name?

Watch the video and share your name ideas.

What are your name ideas?

What are the next steps?

  • Your names will be shared with the St. Stephen’s/House of Charity Naming Committee
  • The committee will review your names along with the original 200 from Neka Creative
  • An initial trademark and URL search will be conducted to eliminate names already taken
  • Each member of the Naming Committee will choose their top 20 from the vetted list
  • The Naming Committee will review these names in a workshop and choose the final 20
  • The final 20 names will be shared in a focus group of advocates with lived experience
  • With their feedback in hand, the committee will choose the final five names
  • You will then have the opportunity to vote for your favorites
  • The final names will be sent to Legal for the ultimate decision
  • Yay…we’ll have a new name
  • Next is a new logo

Thanks to everyone for your inspiration and ideas. We’re grateful for your participation.