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February 4, 2021

We celebrate Black History Month with an exciting future for Rondo

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Neka Creative is pleased to celebrate Black History Month with the launch of the ReConnect Rondo brand. Our work led to the organization being boldly repositioned to lead a restorative movement for Minnesota’s first African American cultural enterprise district connected by a community land bridge.

ReConnect Rondo logo in two shades of green, with the tagline "Build a Bridge to Better underneath"

Part of America’s history is the destruction of African American communities. The 1960s construction of I-94 in Rondo did exactly that. The highway tore through the neighborhood, devastating African American homes, businesses and lives. This vibrant and thriving community was literally torn in half. ReConnect Rondo is determined to right that wrong by inspiring equitable development success for Rondo, Saint Paul and Minnesota, centered around the upcoming reconstruction of I-94. With a determined vision and an unapologetic brand direction, ReConnect Rondo is well on their way.

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May 4, 2020

What if…

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What if.... we look deeper to see better...use our super powers for super stuff... listen more and talk less...make others feel safe to soar high... worry less about being right and wonder more about being kind... work together as ONE for ONE and all...believe in the kind of magic that moves mountains...let our wild flags fly proudly....  What if...  we all find our Wild Brand Promise?

Thank you for your interest in our Neka Creative poem.